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Our Words



People say that I am strange because I tell them 

I would rather take a physical beating, 

than to be beaten down by someone’s words.

If words were so meaningless... 

The "N" word would not hurt black people so. 

"Bitch" would not hurt our women so. 

"Boy" would not hurt our men so.

"Fag, Dike" would not hurt the homosexual.

"Stupid" would not hurt our youth.

I know that you may disagree with me and say that this is far from the truth.

A physical beating will hurt and leave my flesh sore with the color of black and blue.

It may take a while to heal the bones that have been broken.

I may walk with a limp or be unable to sit.

But I know these wounds are only temporary.

People’s words not only wound but scar your heart,

your mentality, and though you may heal; their words still find a way to leave a mark.

Yes, these words that we carelessly say have the capability of paralyzing if not destroying someone.

Words we’ve all taken for granted, like the air we breathe.

Can suffocate a person, leaving them feeling dead inside

or can resuscitate and bring their feelings back to life.

Words are taught not given freely as our mind signals our heart to beat naturally.

And the words I choose to speak from my mouth can be the very essence that defines me.

To err is human, but to learn from our mistakes is wise.

So choose your words wisely my friends. Do not allow your words to be the culprit of deprivation towards someone else’s life!

Copyright 2018 Pre.Kaya' Gilkey



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One Word! One Life! One Mission!