Flowin' With Kahdega

A poem by The Quaid🤘a.k.a KAHDEGA.😝

 Waiting for that record to play, but it's already been dropped.
That hard pill to swallow, the one you always pop.
Can't wait to move, but you can't go. Tired of people saying, "I told you so!"
You wear your heart on your sleeve, now you go sleeveless.
People who seemed like angels were actually demons.
Yeah, you're pretty burnt from the hell you've been through.
But your wings still work like they always do.
When you in that mode, when your crying rebel yells.

 "KICK ASS" comes in and says, "You better NOT fail!"
So it's still like that record. The one that you dropped.
You know which pill to swallow, the one you just popped,

Copyright (c) 2019 Kahdega Snow